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We are looking for talented, hardworking individuals looking to begin a rewarding career in manufacturing, your opportunity begins here.



Production Technicians

An excellent entry-level position or for those seeking a career change.

Production Technicians form the core of our company. You will be trained to work in one of our production departments including: 


- Transfer and compression Molding 

- Injection Molding 

- Machine Shop

- Secondary Operations

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Quality Assurance Technicians

You will form a part of a top-notch department that works to AS9100 Standards to ensure our products meets all specifications prior to shipping worldwide to our clients.

Quality Assurance Technicians help our company to continuously perform up to our Client's standards. You will be trained to work in one of our Quality Assurance departments including: 


- Quality Assurance Technician  

- First Article Report Producer

- Internal Auditing and Complianc

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Aerospace Engineering

We are a full-service company that offers engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, repair, and refurbishment of precision metal and engineered plastic products. In this advanced position, you will be required to have demonstrable working knowledge of advanced engineering software as well as the ability to produce technical drawings and schematics in preparation for prototyping
and production.

1. Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineers at Rakar design tooling and metal setups for use in the production of aerospace components for applications in rocket, spacecraft, and jet engines or microsensors, for use in space and aerospace technologies for current and future needs.

2. Cube Satellite Designer
Cube Sat Designers at Rakar take advantage of the fact that technology is getting smaller and more powerful over time. Cube Sats allow for smaller, and more diverse types of satellites to go into space to assist on specific missions.

3. Data Processing Manager
Assist in the creation of supercomputer simulations that can help conduct research with less time and expense. Assist in the creation of new solutions and get them to market faster than ever before.

4. Military Aerospace Engineer
Assist in the creation of laser-guided weapons systems and combat droids to aid in defense and military missions.

5. Inspector and Compliance Officer
Ensure that personnel and resources in the air and on the ground are safe. Assist in ensuring that regulations designed to catch flaws are being met. 

6. Designer 
Drawings and specification sheets must be prepared before any spacecraft, aircraft or missile can be built. Designers prepare these complex and detailed documents that show every aspect of the object in question from every side and angle.

7. Aerospace Technician
Participate in the installation, maintenance, testing, and repair equipment that is being used in the field or developed for use. Form a part of research teams, and by aerospace and aviation manufacturers and airlines.


A fast-paced company requires ultimate organizational skills and administrative support to stay mission ready.

Administration and Finance

- Communications & Marketing

- Finance & Accounting 

- Human Resources & Social Responsibility 

- Information Technology

- Process Analysis

- Project Management

- Operations Implementation

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A great hands-on opportunity for students or recent grads to gain experience within the industry. Rakar's robust internship program has accepted students and graduates of the Nation's top Engineering programs to work side by side with industry professionals. Requirements and acceptance vary based on curriculum and availability. Please contact us.

Production Technician
Quality Engineers
Administration and Finance
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